Helles (Blonde) 12% original gravity

birra bjonde
Hell the German word for “light”. But the designation refers to color only, not to the beer’s caloric, alcoholic strength,
which is at 4.7 to 5.4 percent by volume. A straw-blond hops-aromatic lager beer that typifies the Bavarian beer-making.
Its brewed for our guests using the 2 mashing method. A real drinking beer!


Wiener Märzen (Red) 13% original gravity

birra e kuqe
Märzen is a smooth, mildly sweet, amber colored lager. This beer style originated from Bavaria where it was brewed in March
(“Marzen” in German). This bottom fermented beer is brewed using the decoction mashing method, it is well-aged, usually for
at least four to eight weeks and has an alcohol content of 5 to 6.2%.


WeizenBier/WeissBier (Wheat) 12% original gravity

birra e turbullt
Weizenbier (“wheat beer”) because of the 50% malted wheat used in brewing / Weissbier “white beer” because it contains
nourishing brewers yeast in suspension, which gives the brew its characteristic whitish, yeast-turbid, and slightly opaque appearance.
With a characteristic flavor that is produced by the interplay between the Weissbier ale yeasts and the trace elements from wheat malt,
with alcohol content of 5,5-6%.



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