Reinheitsgebot (Purity Law)

The Law for Beer that was enforced on 23 April 1516 in Ingolstadt, Bavaria allowed as ingredients in the manufacture of beer: water, barley and hops. The law at that time was a measure to ban the use of wheat grains for beer since its use often was the cause for the bread crisis. Despite the law, the demand for wheat beer remained high, so that the law was modified later by allowing the use of wheat for beer produced only from the upper layers of the society. Ever since that time, the law remained and it became part of the tradition of producing real beer, free from any additional ingredients.

At BRÄUHAUS brewing is done with modern technologies from SALM, Vienna and according to original receipies, creating beers that have taste, flavour, gravity... by using pure raw materials (OMG free) and the necessary brewing technology (double mash process instead of nowadays preferred infusion technology). Our beers are available on tap in their freshest form – directly from our tanks. In order to keep all the goodness inside, all our beers are unfiltered and are not pasteurised.





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